Two Twenty community celebrates the year, refines their duckfaces

The top-notch 2013 party planning team, left to right:   René Prefontaine,   Rebecca Zakreski ,  Greer Frances ,  Desarée Larsen ,  Kat Morlock  &  Ryan Smith .  ©   Matt Ramage  Photo

The top-notch 2013 party planning team, left to right: René Prefontaine, Rebecca ZakreskiGreer FrancesDesarée LarsenKat Morlock & Ryan Smith.  © Matt Ramage Photo

On December 5th, the denizens of The Two Twenty gathered together to celebrate the closing of the year 2013.

A year marked with growth, The Two Twenty was witness to an increase in people joining the community, a physical expansion, and a generally accepted motif of (sometimes) hectic growth and business activity for the individuals and companies that call this place home.

Bearing that in mind,  for one night, it was decided that we would all close our laptops, put on our nice threads, host a potluck, imbibe on a couple of suds, hang out and have some good, clean fun.       And we did it together.

And Matt brought his camera.

*Spoiler alert, there are a few shots in this collection that could be considered a touch on the racy side.