Frequently Asked Questions



What is coworking?

Above all else, it is a mindset. An attitude that holds belief in the value of sharing ideas, information, and collaborating like crazy. It is the solution for achieving incredible output for mobile-based work. Coworking spaces are well designed, open, and built intrinsically flexible for the workforce of today and tomorrow. For a more in-depth explanation, watch this neat video.

Who does coworking work best for?

Potentially anyone. Some businesses are lean and mobile enough that coworking provides all of the amenities and infrastructure needed to onduct their operations. Other businesses use it as a supplement to their existing spaces, or for team members and employees as a great alternative space to work from, either locally or while travelling.

How long do I have to commit for?

You're a mobile worker, so you need flexibility. We get it. We've designed the memberships to reflect the needs coworkers typically have, so coworking memberships are a 30-day commitment, and they auto-renew indefinitely. If you need to cancel or put a temporary pause on your membership,  simply let us know before the end of the month. 

But what if I sign up in the middle of the month?

We will prorate your first month's costs accordingly.

Are there any additional costs?

Yes. There is a one-time setup fee of $50 for all new members and a $20 deposit for FOB issuance. There's GST, too. Other incidentals include exceeding your monthly print credit limit or meeting room credits.

What is a FOB?

It's an electronic key. One that grants members 24/7 access to the Two Twenty.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. We strive to be upfront and transparent with you right from the start.

Is a coworking membership transferable to someone else?

Afraid not. Every coworking member must have his or her own individual membership with the Two Twenty.

Is there a group/company rate for coworking?

Yes there is company/organization rate. The first company member pays the full monthly membership, and all subsequent company/organization members can access full membership privileges at a reduced rate of $150/month.

Extra Costs

I have to ask again, are there any other costs?

The only costs that haven't been mentioned are ones that are incidental in nature. As an example, if you lose keys or FOBS,  experience damage to an office suite, exceed your print credit limit or meeting room booking limit you will be invoiced for these things fairly, but appropriately.

What are the printing costs?

  • $0.05/sheet B&W (8.5 x 11)

  • $0.20/sheet Colour

So for example, if you print an 11 x 17 sheet in colour (they make for great posters!) it would cost you $0.40/sheet.

Is the internet access provided by the Two Twenty free?

Completely. Internet access is the lifeblood of commerce, so we made the decision to provide access to a fast, reliable, in-house wifi service with no up-front cost to you. It's good stuff.


Can I lease a space for a month or two?

Afraid not, friend. All leases at the Two Twenty are for a minimum 12-month term. Tenants are also afforded first right to renew. All of our leases are standardized in this manner, and it is non-negotiable.

How much do office and studio spaces cost?

Suites are available in a range of sizes, and the smallest ones start at $375/month. It's downtown office space at an incredible value. Explore current availability/pricing here.

Can I make the Two Twenty my business mailing address?

You bet. All tenants and coworking members are not only able, but encouraged to make the Two Twenty their official business address.

Can I have a dedicated phone/internet line installed in my suite?

Yes you can. The Two Twenty has its own dedicated internet service that supplies hardline and wifi to everyone in the building, however if you would like your own private network installed, that is entirely possible. All associated costs regarding install and use will be yours to assume. Our bandwidth speeds are 50/mbps down and 5/mbps up.

How many people can I house in a suite?

It depends on the size of the suite. Each one has an occupancy limit that is based on suite square footage. Additional employees above that limit can be integrated at $150/month for each new person added to the roster, within reasonable limitations.

As a tenant, do I receive a printing credit like flex coworkers?

No. This is a small but important detail: For tenants, there is a per unit charge for every sheet printed when using the community's equipment.

Access and Amenities

When can I use the Two Twenty?

With the exception of Light Members, all other community members have 24/7 access to the Two Twenty. It's awesome.

Can anyone rent out your meeting rooms?

Meeting room usage is included for members of our community as part of their membership fees or office rent. The general public can rent meeting rooms outside of business hours for $25 + GST/hour.

Does that policy apply to The Common?

You betcha. Our coworking space, The Common, doubles as our event space on evenings and weekends.  For private events, the rental rate is $40 + GST/hour for members and $50 + GST/hour for non-members. There is no charge for member events that are open to the community. Perhaps this is just the excuse you need to start coworking. Because everyone deserves to party. If you don't believe us, ask Andrew WK.

I want to cowork! Is there any storage for me at all?

Yes. There are small lockers available for self storage. You supply your own lock and you can safely store valuables, your laptop, and a small amount of goodies and snacks you might want to keep on hand.

Hey, thanks for reading the entire FAQ! Still have a question that's not answered here? Get in touch.