Top 5 myths about Park(ing) Day


Receiving early-morning participation is always great to have for group events but it's particularly impressive when such a large group shows up at 7:30 am the Tuesday morning at the end a Long Weekend. It's proof positive that many who call Saskatoon home are also willing to step up and help contribute and shape it's future.

The August Edition of First Tuesday witnessed Mike Velonas of Meewasin Valley Authority come to speak about this year's upcoming Parking Day and how we as active citizens can use it as a springboard for the conversations that need to take place regarding city planning, what constitutes a proper amount of emphasis for a city being cyclist and pedestrian focused, and being able to have fun in the middle of it all.

Some highlights from the discussion include:

  • It's not illegal to occupy a parking stall as a pedestrian (although it wouldn't hurt to plug the meter) so if you've got a fun idea for a parking stall don't hold back!
  • the hope is that through the event, people will be able to see the aesthetic, lifestyle and commerical value of a Complete Street.
  • bridging the competing needs of healthy traffic flow with streets that are navigable and welcoming to people as well as automobiles
  • a mobile app collaboration between and Whitespace Initiatives to help map, document and bring mobile interactivity to Parking Day.
  • a strong desire to avoid a bikes versus cars mentality. The group agreed Parking Day should stimulate conversation about a healthy blending of different types of personal transportation, not the outright rejection of vehicles as transport.

The Two Twenty and First Tuesday were the perfect match have this preliminary discussion, because on September 21, 2012, The Two Twenty  will be planted right in the middle of the action. With pop-up fashion retail, parking stall occupation and the transformation of a parking lot into an outdoor community square, The Two Twenty, 20th Street, and Riversdale are slated to see a real whirlwind of activity all day and in to the evening.

So remember, mark your calendar! Parking Day is a chance to Walk Your Talk.

First Tuesday--on the first Tuesday of every month, we invite a speaker to address a diverse group of creative thinkers and doers--entrepreneurs, non-profits, business owners, and artists. The speaker has 15 minutes to present an idea, problem or issue that could use creative input. After the presentation, we open the floor to a discussion where the group brainstorms solutions, ideas and alternatives.

As a participant in First Tuesday you're given the opportunity to connect with a local community working towards making Saskatoon a strong, healthy, and vibrant city. And you get to offer your perspective, too.

If that sounds like your cup of coffee (remember it's at 7:30 am!) email to be put on the First Tuesday notification list. You'll get a once a month reminder about the upcoming First Tuesday, close to the date. And if that isn't enough to entice you, we've got free smoothies and the world's best oatmeal to draw you in. Shabaam!