First Tuesday ft: The Kolo Project

What a turnout! 

This morning members of The Two Twenty community gathered together with representatives from The Kolo Project and entrepreneurs of YXE to talk about how Kolo is going to create a healthy, vibrant "ecosystem" for the current and budding entrepreneurs of our city, and eventually our great province.

What are we ultimately talking about? Don't sweat it, we drew you two works of art to help explain:

Here we have "Ambitious Entrepreneur". This driven, capable person has a great idea and a plan, but needs help. Ambitious Entrepreneur knows that there is a sea of resources out there from other stakeholders, but they just can't see exactly who and where they are.  What's more, the stakeholders are in the exact same position. There's a fog between everyone.

(not a good thing)


Enter The Kolo Project. What do you end up with? Well, Ambitious Entreprenuer is accessing Kolo, and now suddenly this person can see all the resources that are availablle to be tapped.  

And probably just as important, all the various stakeholders are now connected to each other as well. How is is this possible? Because The Kolo Project is a roadmap. Let the dialogue begin.

(totally a good thing)


Are you an entrepreneur? Maybe you are and you don't even know it, because entrepreneurs come in many shades and stripes. Whatever the case, you should get in touch with The Kolo Project and get involved, because it's your opportunity to help shape the ecosystem that Kolo is forming.

And as an entrepreneur, you have nothing to lose because by participating in the formation, you are taking steps to ensure your own well-being. So get real because it's already tough enough. Go easy on yourself.