220 business feature: The Princess Shop


Today's high fives and gold stars are going out to The Princess Shop. The organization's Executive Director, Karen Robson, has been a member of our community for 3  years. Read on to learn more about the great things they do for the youth of our fair city.

Briefly explain what you do.
Local nonprofit that lends out the beautiful gown and all the fixings to underprivileged women for their graduation day. In addition, we offer mentorship, scholarships and skill development workshops to past and current Princess Graduates!

What is the main benefit you receive from working at The Two Twenty?
As the only staff member of a busy nonprofit organization, being able to work around other is a huge benefit. Sometimes it is simply the presence of others, and sometimes it is the benefit of being able to throw an idea or question around. It is a nice reminder that even though I "work alone" that I am not alone!

Your best app/podcast/book/software to increase productivity?
Day planner, the tangible kind! There's nothing like total creative freedom (and doodling)!

Got any words of wisdom to share with the masses?
Don't pile up today's to-do list. Instead, if something new comes up, add it to tomorrow's list!

What sets your company apart from the competition?
We're all about celebrating your accomplishments and having fun doing it! I don't think a lot of organizations can say that!

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