220 business feature: Varial Hosting


Just days ago, Ryan Smith and Varial Hosting celebrated 5 years of operating out of the Two Twenty. He has been absolutely instrumental in the creation and expansion of our thriving community. From dodgeball to DJing, event planning to solving our tech woes, Ryan is always there to lend a hand and bring the fun.

Briefly explain what you do.
Varial Hosting is an award-winning Canadian web hosting service provider specializing in affordable domain name registration and premium web hosting and optimized WordPress hosting solutions.

What is the main benefit you receive from working at The Two Twenty?
The Two Twenty is home to many of Saskatoon's most exciting entrepreneurs and businesses. Having the opportunity to work and collaborate with so many talented people has been hugely beneficial to our company. Just being able to talk shop with a group of people that love business, art and technology on a daily basis really rocks. 

Your best app/podcast/book/software to increase productivity?

Got any words of wisdom to share with the masses?
It's tempting to re-use the same passwords across many websites and services to avoid having to remember a ton of complex passwords but you should always use unique passwords for all services that are critical to your business and daily life. Using a password manager like 1Password helps you improve your security game by having it generate unique, complex passwords for all the websites you use, but only requiring you to remember one main password to access everything.

What sets your company apart from the competition?
We are known for the quality of support we provide. When a customer emails us with a question we not only give them an answer but try to predict any follow up questions they may have and include that too so we can really impress them!

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