[Guest Blog] Riversdale food tour


Earlier this month I ate some dandelions. They were battered, fried and drizzled in a spicy mayo. They were so delicious I contemplated sneaking into the back of the restaurant to give the chef—Christie Peters, of The Hollows—a hug. 

I was tagging along on a food tour through the Riverdale District of Saskatoon with a friend from Tourism Saskatchewan and a Travel Blogger from the United Kingdom. The travel blogger, Karen Burns-Booth—http://www.lavenderandlovage.com—was on a sponsored trip through Destination Canada to showcase what Saskatchewan’s food scene has to offer. 

Karen was in the province for a week, and it only took a couple days in Saskatoon to realize that, “The food in this city is as good as anything you’ll find anywhere around the world.” 


First stop on the tour: Breakfast at Drift Sidewalk Café & Vista Lounge.

You'll feel like you're in California at this family owned and operated establishment.

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In the AM, grab yourself a coffee and a crêpe.

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In the PM, grab a pint or a cocktail and soak up some rays on one of my favourite patios in the city.

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Next Stop: Lunch at Leyda's Cafe
Whole food. Gluten Free. Nut Free.

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After being diagnosed with celiac disease, Dr. Dee Dee Maltman took it upon herself to open a restaurant were people with gluten intolerance or nut allergies could dine in peace.

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Leyda's serves delicious home cooked meals using as much organic, local & seasonal produce as possible. Their meats & seafood are carefully sourced and they provide vegan & vegetarian options as well. (I went with the scallop and fresh mango salad... eating healthy never tasted so good.)

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Of course we got dessert. My personal favourite: the spiced carrot cake with goat cheese frosting

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Stop number three: 9 Mile Legacy Brewing Company

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Can you guess how far apart the two founders of this brewery grew up from each other? 

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Final Stop: Supper at The Hollows

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But before supper, we decided to help out with a little kitchen prep.
My fingers are still red from peeling beets.

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From left to right:
Jodi Holliday (Tourism Sask), Christie Peters (Chef/Co-owner of The Hollows) and Karen Burns-Booth (Travel Blogger)

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At The Hollows, the food is made with the best ingredients they can find in their area:
cultivated plants grown from heirloom seeds, wild-harvested leaves and mushrooms, flowers, sap and roots, local fish — sustainably raised, pastured meat, poultry and eggs from small farmers.

Their dishes change and evolve with the seasons.
If you have an opportunity to dine at The Hollows, I reccomend trying the 5 course Tasting Menu.
(My favourite dish of the night: Gnocchi, with carrot top pesto... Yes, I am licking my lips right now.)

After years of cooking in Vancouver, San Francisco, Amsterdam and Spain, husband and wife  
chefs Christie Peters and Kyle Michael, felt it was time to bring what they learned to Saskatchewan.

At The Hollows, their commitment to sustainability is everywhere; from the composting of all of their food waste, to the beeswax candles they burn.

Oh, and this is me giving their cocktail menu a slow clap.

{Thanks to The Saskatchewanderer for allowing us to share this blog with you all!}

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