220 business feature: Palmer Peak Performance


Reed Palmer of Palmer Peak Performance recently celebrated his first anniversary in The Two Twenty by hosting a fun-tastic Friday Beers event. He's been a wonderful addition to the community and we are looking forward to watching his continued growth and success!

Briefly explain what you do.
The two services I offer are Fascial Stretch Therapy & Nutrition Coaching. FST is a form of assisted stretching that targets fascial connective tissue and it's great for increasing range of motion, joint mobility, and reducing pain. FST is even pain-free to have it done! The style of nutrition coaching that I do is unique in the fact that it's client-centered, habit-based, and focused on sustainable progress. I work closely with clients to define meaningful goals and implement healthy habits to enable lasting change.

What is the main benefit you receive from working at The Two Twenty?
The Two Twenty has a very welcoming and positive atmosphere, amazing people, and an ideal location. But more specifically, I love the diverse group of people a coworking office brings and the fact that I can collaborate with all of them. Whether it be Matt Ramage helping me out by making a doorstop (I've put to use for over a year now!) to Danger Dynamite helping me with videography and social media, or my morning chats with Shannon in The Common, it's a place where I'm happy to come to every day. So much so I even come in on the weekends ;)

Your best app/podcast/book/software to increase productivity?
To increase productivity I find using a timer actually helps a lot. In giving myself a specific time limit to work on projects, it enables me to focus and be more productive in a shorter amount of time. Plus it's fun to try and beat the clock!

Got any words of wisdom to share with the masses?
As someone who has been on the path of self-development and personal growth, there are three things I have found to be of importance: to believe in yourself, love yourself, and to adopt a growth mindset. Here is a saying that resonated with me: "Becoming is better than being". The fixed mindset does not allow people the luxury of becoming. They have to already be. -- Carol Dweck, Mindset.

What sets your company apart from the competition?
What really sets Palmer Peak Performance apart is my holistic approach to problem-solving. When I engage with a client, I bring my diverse experience to the table -- from years spent in customer service and personal training to proficiency in martial and circus arts. Whatever the challenge, I make sure to look beneath the surface and create a meaningful connection.

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