Welcome to the Two Twenty community. To get you set up, we need a bit of info from you.

Please note that by completing and submitting the form on this page, you agree that you have read and understand The Two Twenty Community Policies. You will be held accountable to them.  We recommend you save a copy of the policies to your device. Please read them carefully:

Coworking Terms of Agreement


  1. The Member has read and understands The Two Twenty Community Policies. Please download a copy for your records.

  2. Term of Membership is MONTH BY MONTH, with Membership Fees due the 1st of each month auto renewing indefinitely. To avoid unwanted charges, members must notify Shift Development 5 days before the first of each month in regards to any desired membership level changes.

  3. The member agrees to pay a one time Setup fee of $50.00 and submit a $20.00 deposit for a facility FOB, if issued. The FOB deposit will be returned to the member upon FOB return to Shift Development Inc. These funds are payable in advance of the first day of the membership. This amount covers the administrative work required to set up access to The Two Twenty and member photo.

  4. FULL MEMBERSHIP = $200 + GST/Month

  5. LIGHT MEMBERSHIP = $125 + GST/Month



  8. Payment can be made via cash, debit, credit or cheque (payable to Shift Development Inc.)

  9. The member understands that the cost of variable and additional amenities, such as meeting room usage in excess of the membership agreement will be billed monthly and payable upon receipt, separate from this agreement.

  10. Goods and Services Tax (GST) must be paid on all membership fees, setup fees, shared amenities and other expenses as approved by The Two Twenty and the member.

  11. The Member is entitled to 6 hours per month for advance bookings of meeting room or boardroom space. A member has access to unlimited booking time, for "day-of" bookings. Refer to The Two Twenty Community Policies for additional information.

  12. If any existing member desires to have another colleague from the same company cowork as well, every additional company coworker is entitled to a Full Membership at a rate of $150/Month, up to a limit of 5 members.

  13. The Member will permit The Two Twenty to use the member's company name in promotional materials and to otherwise identify its association with The Two Twenty. The Member is requested to adopt the following standard for the presentation of its address when using The Two Twenty as its place of business:

  14. Name of Project/Organization, @ The Two Twenty, 220A 20th Street West, Saskatoon, SK S7M 0W9

  15. The Member will take reasonable precautions to ensure the security of the building, The Two Twenty and the individual suites. The Two Twenty is a cooperative co-location work space that is premised on the spirit of community, and neighbourhood watch.

  16. Shift Development reserves the right to terminate this agreement without notice if The Member fails to pay membership fees, fails to honour the terms of this agreement or for any other substantive reason, provided that both parties have attempted and failed to reach a resolution.

  17. Shift Development will hold property and liability insurance as befitting to protect its interests, and its interests solely. The Two Twenty will not carry contents insurance to protect the property of the Members, and is in no way responsible for any such damages to property of its members, or property belonging to agents, officers, trustees and employees of its members. Furthermore, the member agrees under this membership agreement, to hold The Two Twenty harmless in the event of any damage caused to The Member’s property.

  18. The Premises shall be used by The Member for the purposes of business and commercial activity.

  19. The Member may not transfer to or share this membership with any other party with the written approval of Shift Development.

  20. Shift Development reserves the right to dispose of any and all of The Member's goods immediately without liability if the membership is terminated.

  21. Both parties will do their very best implement the true intent of this membership agreement.

  22. The member agrees to have fun, because it's important, and it is the path to success.