Let's bring 100k home!


Founder of The Two Twenty talks about CoWorking and the 2012 BDC YEA Competition on CBC Radio 1. 

The Two Twenty has a shot at $100k!

To get it, we need you, the reader, to help us. Vote now and Vote Daily, we'd love ya for it.

Curtis Olson, CEO of Shift Development and founder of The Two Twenty is one of only 8 finalists in a nation-wide competition aimed at supporting young entrepreneurs in Canada.

Contestants must pitch to the public what he or she would do with the money, and in return the public is given ability to determine the winner. The competition runs until June 19th and any voter may vote once, daily, until the competition is closed and the results are announced on June 25, 2012.

There are some interesting pitches, but hey, it's pretty clear what the smart vote is.

The smart vote is for Curtis Olson, because it's a vote not only for him and the Two Twenty, but for Saskatoon and Saskatchewan as well.

Cast your vote here:

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