Organic comes to your doorstep

A new Saskatoon business is being incubated right here at The Two Twenty, and it's all about affording easier access to fresh, local, and organic produce.

Curtis Coleman of Fresh n Local is bringing his idea to life with the help of two of our Tenants, and Wowfactor Media.

Like all concepts, it's formation owes to the recognition of an issue and the discussions around it that followed.

Through talking with many people, Coleman discovered that while interest for consuming local/fresh/organic food is high, many people are unable to consistently access it because of limited time in their daily lives. Coleman is bridging the gap between local producers and a portion of the market that producers currently cannot serve.

The constraint is time, and Fresh n Local aims to make it a thing of the past. Fresh n Local will provide the opportunity for those in need to place orders for produce and food products online, and deliver them to the front door.

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Now, physically travelling to the market to acquire its goods is not necessary. The market can now come to you.

To make this happen, Coleman enlisted Daren McLean of to help him build and generate web presence, identity, and an online ordering system. While working alongside the team at Coleman met Bray Hudson of Wowfactor Media, who was able to enhance the branding of the company with window signage for Fresh's delivery van.

The die has been cast, and the system is scheduled for its first live test this coming MONDAY, MAY 14th at 7:30 in THE COMMON @ The Two Twenty.

And you're invited. (Bring your laptop!)

Fresh n Local has opened the doors and invited those interested to come try out the system and find out more about the nuts and bolts of the program service, the partner vendors and the types of food and food products that will be supplied.

If you're a Farmer's Market Junkie or simply desire to sustainably source some (or all) of your food, bike on down to the Two Twenty this coming Monday to get involved and learn more about program that will make eating healthy a little less work.

Check the website for further deets at

Find the Facebook page here