The Tiny Home: 136 sq ft of Awesome

The Two Twenty fired up early this morning, when the "First Tuesday" group took over the co-working space. The First Tuesday is a group of interesting and eclectic entrepreneurs, artists and activists who get together on the first Tuesday of every month. One speaker brings an idea, problem or issue to the group and, after a short presentation, the entire group brainstorms creative possibilities, opportunities and solutions.

The Two Twenty hosts the show--this morning that meant Carrie blending up smoothies and Curtis' concocting his amazing brand of oatmeal for donations that will go to the Food Bank.

This morning, we heard from Lydia Holden, an exciting young woman who created The Tiny Home--a 136 square foot house on wheels that is looking for a parking spot in Saskatoon. She gave us some specifics about her groovy little pad. As with any endeavour that doesn't quite fit the mould, Lydia is running into some interesting issues about how to legally land her tiny, sustainable, affordable, traveling abode.

So after a quick introduction, we had some animated discussion about ways that Lydia can solve her remaining issues. We quickly discovered that there is much interest and need to change some of Saskatoon's bylaws allowing granny suites or garage homes. In a matter of one hour, Lydia had a vocal community who want to see those bylaws changed; and Lydia needs a community to show the City of Saskatoon that we really value new housing strategies allowing for infill, and sustainable development. And talk about affordable! Lydia built her home for $30,000.

What will come of the First Tuesday jam? We're talking about bringing the Tiny Home to The Two Twenty for a groundbreaking party/awareness building in the fall. Lydia got a few offers to park her house in their backyards. And we're talking about organized ways to approach the City about bylaws that restrict our ability to be a green, progressive City. Overall, a huge success. (Not to mention, everyone is fuelled for the day on oatmeal and smoothies....)

Do you have a problem that needs solving? Need an injection of ideas and creativity? Let us know and bring it to the First Tuesday of May.