220 business feature: T Squared Social


The Tylers of T Squared Social are gearing up to celebrate their 1st anniversary in business with a much-anticipated Friday Beers event here on Friday, July 28th. It has been such a pleasure providing them with a home base and watching their successes over the past 12 months. Cheers to you! Thank you for choosing us.

Briefly explain what you do.
Social made local.

What is the main benefit you receive from working at The Two Twenty?
What we provide clients is part of a larger picture. It's great to work along side other companies who complement the services we offer. 

Your best app/podcast/book/software to increase productivity?

Got any words of wisdom to share with the masses?
All great things start with a conversation.

What sets your company apart from the competition?
We believe that social media content should be made local. For us it’s about inspiring people through our experiences, educating the world on our uniqueness and entertaining everyone along the way.